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Mid-Michigan’s only IDA Skills Validated Certified Detailers (IDA CD-SV) specializing in ceramic coating, paint correction, interior/exterior detailing, and specialty detailing services!


Ceramic coating is a high-tech nano-coating that forms an incredibly hardened surface. It has many benefits to your paint, including hydrophobic properties for easy cleaning, and antifouling capabilities that protect the vehicle against environmental contamination. We utilize this coating for both our exterior and interior detailing services.


We are fully trained and certified to offer you a range of ceramic coating services that can be beneficial to your vehicle. Our detailing service is performed with the highest quality products, creating a sealant that looks incredible and is extremely durable. With many benefits to your paint, this service is perfect for any vehicle, new or old. Each ceramic coating is unique in its own way, including different layer thicknesses and applications that best suit your vehicle. Our ceramic coating is applied by trained professionals who are capable of applying the product correctly and safely.

No.1 Ceramic Coating Company in Michigan

Final Approach Detailing offers high-quality services, excellent outcomes, outstanding efficiency, and the highest degree of professionalism. Fully licensed and insured, we promise that your car is secure with us.

We have a wide range of services to offer our clients in Okemos, MI. These services include more specialized and meticulous Ceramic Coatings and Corrections, as well as luxury detailing of the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

With our Ceramic Coating Service, you can get guaranteed protection that will last long into the future. Our ceramic coating provides a hardwearing finish for your car, protecting it from dirt, grime, rusting, salt damage, paint scuffs, and assorted other impurities.

Ceramic Coating Services & Specialty Paint Correction

Ceramic Coating offers long-term protection for your vehicle’s sensitive surfaces – extending the life of your paintwork and creating a water-repellent (hydrophobic) surface that is more resistant to harmful contaminants and easier to clean. Paint Correction restores and enhances the beauty of the paint prior to the application of long-term ceramic protection.

Luxury Exterior & Interior Detailing Services

There is a strong distinction between car washes and quick service providers that just get rid of dirt and our level of specialty detailing services. Final Approach offers a true “luxury detailing” experience with a focus on Restoration, Protection & Preservation. Additional specialty services, resale/trade focused services, and membership programs are available to complement services.

Detailing Products, Tools, Equipment & Supply

Final Approach Detailing hosts a storefront open to the public during business hours offering affordable and effective detailing products, tools, and equipment whether you are a DIY-er, professional, or just looking to keep up on maintenance between service visits. Stop in anytime during business hours or shop online to browse our large selection of products, tools & detailing equipment.


You invested a lot of money in your vehicle – let us make sure you get the most out of it!

We specialize in long-term protection options for all of your vehicle’s sensitive surfaces. Whether you wish to keep your car looking new or restore it to the better-than-new condition – Final Approach Detailing has you covered!

Ceramic Coating

Paint Correction

Luxury Detailing

Specialty Services

Why Choose F.A.D.?

We know you have options for your vehicle’s detailing needs and we are honored that you chose to reach out to our small business. Pricing for detailing services can vary greatly in our industry based on many factors — including legitimacy of business (licensed, insured, certified, etc.), quality of products/tools/techniques, overhead (brick/mortar, mobile, home-based, etc.), and type of work offered. You can review all of our credentials here, but a few things that set us apart from the pack are below:

  • We are Licensed, Insured, Certified, Family Owned & Operated, Woman-Led
  • We are Mid-Michigan’s ONLY Skills Validated Certified Detailers with the International Detailing Association (IDA)
  • We are a registered myCARFAX service center reporting all services to your CARFAX report at no charge showing that you are professionally maintaining your vehicle, thus retaining value of your investment!
  • We are active and engaged members of the International Detailing Association, The Detailer’s Network (Official Detailers of Air Force One) and more
  • We hold certifications in 9 key areas of detailing including Ceramic Coating, Professional Detailing, Detailing Business, Headlight Restoration, P&S Professional Products, FLEX Tools and more.
  • We are Certified Installers of SB3 Coatings, P&S Coatings and GlassParency
  • We operate out of a fully outfitted 2400 sq. ft service location in Okemos, MI featuring a dedicated showroom, retail storefront, detailing space and more!
  • Flexible Drop Off/Pick Up Service Options (day before, morning of, morning after, etc.)
  • Complimentary Valet Service Options Available for Specialty Services

Your Trusted Specialty Detailing Professionals

Final Approach is a specialty service provider offering a true luxury detailing experience. Everything we do is about QUALITY over quantity with the sole focus on preservation and protection. Your vehicle receives a “spa-like” experience with time and attention to every detail along the way.

Our service goal is not just “washing/cleaning” your vehicle, but rather as Certified Surface Specialists we take the time to properly care for, PRESERVE and PROTECT your vehicle (resulting in sustained value for your investment). You will see this difference in our service structure and pricing in comparison to other service providers in the area. Simply put, we do not do quick and cheap – when your services are completed at F.A.D. you can rest assured that they are done by a credentialed business, formally trained and certified specialists, utilizing industry-leading equipment tools & technology and professional use products that are SAFE, tested, and proven to provide great results at value-based pricing.


Ceramic coating is a super-slick, highly cross-linked polymer sealant that was originally developed for the aerospace industry. It provides superior protection to vehicles by creating an impenetrable barrier over your vehicle’s paint & exterior surfaces.

Once cured, this protective layer will not wash or wear off, even when scratched. It actually strengthens your vehicle’s exterior over time!

A ceramic coating is bonded to the surface of your paint using a high-tech “cross-linking” process, then cured using ultra-violet light in an oven. This process physically changes your vehicle’s paint into a cross-linked polymer, creating an incredibly slick surface that is extremely resistant to environmental contaminants.
As with all sealants, you can expect some fading over time depending on how often you polish or remove the coating. However, if you wash and clay your vehicle and apply a fresh coat of ceramic coating once or twice per year, it will continue to be protected for many years!
Ceramic coating bonds with the paint and creates a glossy, slick surface that is extremely resistant to stains. Therefore, waxes have a very hard time sticking to this type of paint and will generally just slide off with water or a simple wipe from a microfiber towel.

Do not be overly concerned with protecting your vehicle’s exterior after it has been coated. A quick wash with soap & water will do the job just fine if you plan on driving it within a few days or so. If you are storing your vehicle, simply apply an even coat of detailing spray to all exterior surfaces to prevent dust/dirt/debris from sticking.

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Final Approach Detailing MI
Mizuka Yasuoka
Mizuka Yasuoka
Phenomenal job. Jessica was extremely patient and walked me through every bit of the process. They are incredibly knowledgeable and I am truly happy with the results!
Tyler Kwapis
Tyler Kwapis
Jessica and her Team at Final Approach Detailing did an amazing job rejuvenating my 2018 Jeep! They were kind, respectful, and worked quickly to knock out my car in one business day with excellent service and conditions! They have turned me into a long term customer, and would recommend them to anyone in the Lansing area who is interested in having their vehicle detailed!
Alan Bird
Alan Bird
Jessica was fantastic to work with. Explained everything in detail, as well as the pros and cons of the products used and offered. Highly recommend, my truck looks brand new 👌
Katherine Webster
Katherine Webster
I have never seen a car so meticulously detailed. My car looks brand new. Over the three years that I’ve had this vehicle, my family has eaten in this car numerous times. Not a trace remains of any of that or of the pet hair that had worked its way into the fabric of the seats. I am looking forward to having our second car detailed at Final Approach. The intake and pick up process was fast and pleasant. Thank you!
Paul Nolte
Paul Nolte
Great people who really know their stuff! Very easy to work with.
Nicholas Troshak
Nicholas Troshak
Great service. Great people. Great Communication. Highly Recommended.
Austin Priebe
Austin Priebe
Put your prices up, like an approximate or a base pay
Pete Lambropoulos
Pete Lambropoulos
Final Approach did such a wonderful job on cars. We really appreciate their commitment to providing great service. Thank you. I would recommend them for all your car detailing needs.
Froland Fernandez
Froland Fernandez
Very happy with there services they offer, very friendly, very satisfying and do a very good job. I highly recommend them, we will be returning customers in the future.
I have used Final Approach Detailing three different times now with two vechiles. I have always been 100% satisfied with their top notch quality of service and attention to detail. I believe they treat your vechile no different if not better than they would treat their own. They have fixed scratches, removed buildup from the paint and made my vehicles look better than they did coming off the show room floor. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED for anyone with any sort of specialty or limited production vechile or for their daily driver.

If you are looking for a car ceramic coating services company in the Okemos MI area, Final Approach Detailing can help! Our equipment is top-of-the-line and our technicians are well trained to make your vehicle look great again.

Our car ceramic coating services will make your car look brand new again! Contact us today to set up your appointment.

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