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Whether you drive on a daily basis or only on special occasions, your car is constantly exposed to natural elements. Dirt, grime, acid rain, rock chips, and a variety of other factors consistently damage the vehicle, leaving the owner with an unappealing vehicle. However, auto detailing for your vehicles in Grand Ledge can help you keep your car’s value and appeal.

When you use our auto detailing service, we will make certain that your vehicle receives the care and attention it deserves. Whether you want your car’s exterior or interior worked on, we’ll have it looking as good as the day you drove it out of the showroom. Our attention to detail when detailing your car is unparalleled. We work hard to ensure that every mark, stain, and spot is addressed to your service goal.

We’ll have your car, SUV, or truck looking like it just rolled out of the showroom at Final Approach Detailing. We want your car to make a statement at every turn. When you schedule an appointment with our auto detailing company, we will inspect your vehicle and recommend the best auto detailing service for you.

Auto Detailing Services In Final Approach Detailing

A lot goes into keeping your vehicle clean and looking brand new. To maintain your car’s value and appearance, you must be willing to invest in regular auto detailing services from a reputable company such as Final Approach Detailing. When you hire us, you can select from a variety of services. If you are unsure about the best option for your vehicle, our experts can inspect it and discuss its requirements with you. Some of the services included in our auto detailing service are listed below.


Luxury Detailing Service

As a car owner, you would want your vehicle to be treated special at times, which is what our luxury auto detailing service provides. When you want your car cleaned from front to back, top to bottom, inside and out, this is the auto detailing package for you.

All of the services included in our interior and exterior packages are included in luxury detailing. Although it usually lasts several hours, it will leave your vehicle feeling revitalized and looking brand new. We will address all dirt and stains, steam clean and detail each panel, crack, and crevice, and rejuvenate your car seats if you hire our luxury detailing service.

We’ll also steam clean all floor mats, seats, and carpets, use clay bar treatment to remove brake dust, tar, and bugs; and thoroughly clean the wheel well, rims, and wheels. This does not mean that your door jambs will be ignored; we will clean and refinish them to look new. We also clean and shine the exhaust tips and apply a premium dressing to the tires, grill, and trim. As a car owner, you will undoubtedly be pleased with your vehicle once we have completed our work on it.


Interior Detailing Service​

To date, our interior car detailing package has made many of our customers happy. It’s like hitting the reset button on your car’s interior and going back in time to the first time you stepped inside.

We start with the headliner of your vehicle and work our way down to the carpets. We’ll also clean every compartment, crevice, and crack in your car’s interior. We’ll clean the center console and glove box as well as your leather seats. We won’t leave out your trunk; we’ll vacuum the spare tire compartment and trunk for an all-around interior detailing experience.

We want to make sure we’re on the same page as you about what you want. So, if you dislike the greasy and artificial shine that comes with interior detailing, don’t worry. We always strive to give your vehicle a factory-fresh appearance.


Ceramic Coating Service

We provide the best ceramic coating services for the car owners of Grand Ledge, MI, at Final Approach Detailing. We go to great lengths to remove any spot, stain, or other damage that may have harmed the appearance of your vehicle. Furthermore, our ceramic coating service will keep your car’s shine, restore its appearance, and prevent damage to the paint.

Our ceramic coating service also makes the vehicle easier to clean and significantly increases its resistance to water and weather.

Exterior Detailing

The interior of our car isn’t the only part that deserves special attention. So, if you want your vehicle’s exterior to be cleaned and given special attention, our expert auto detailers are here to help. We always begin with thorough handwashing. We’ll then proceed to clean your vehicle of rail dust, tar, brake dust, and bugs.

Our detailers will clean your wheels, rims, and wheel wells thoroughly. In addition, we’ll apply a premium exterior dressing to the tires, grill, and trim, as well as clean and polish the exhaust tips. All of our services are designed to ensure our customer’s complete satisfaction and based on the numerous customer reviews, we know we’re doing something right.

Paint Correction Services

Nobody likes finding a scratch on their vehicle, especially when they don’t know where the scratch came from. It’s also a terrible feeling when you hit something or someone hits you and damages the paint on your car.

Our paint correction service will not only repair any damage to your car’s paint, but it will also improve the painted surface. There are several stages to removing scratches and swirls from your car’s paint, and we pay close attention to detail at each stage. When you come in, we’ll inspect your vehicle and recommend the best paint correction package based on the severity of the damage.


Contact the Experts for Your Auto Detailing Today

Final Approach Detailing is a family-owned company that takes pride in providing customers with high-quality auto detailing services. We’ve perfected our detailing process for each vehicle over the years to ensure that no customer ever has a bad experience with us. With multiple certifications in the most recent advancements in the car detailing industry, you can be confident that your vehicle is in capable hands.

When you come to us, you can rely on the experts to take care of all your auto detailing in Grand Ledge needs. Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide the best services possible. We only use the best products to ensure that your vehicle is treated with care at every visit. Contact us on our website today for further information about our auto detailing service or visit our store!

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Final Approach Detailing MI
Tom Patenge
Tom Patenge
Always a positive experience at Final Approach. They treat your vehicle like it there own. Highly recommend!
Marian Baker
Marian Baker
I absolutely recommend Final Approach Detailing! I have an older model vehicle that is sentimental to me that I wanted to restore, as well as protect for years to come. I opted for a full paint & trim restoration and the 5-year ceramic coating. Jessica and Travis took great care of me & my vehicle, restoring the paint, trim, and headlights to a shine that is better than what it looked like when I bought it ten years ago! 2 weeks after my detail & ceramic application, they performed another exterior wash in order to determine that the coating was performing as expected and to educate me on how to properly care for my coating, the do’s and don’ts of washing it, etc. Their expertise and communication was evident every step of the way, and I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to clean, protect, or restore their vehicle!
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell
Jessica and team at Final Approach Detailing were awesome to work with! Communication was frequent as we planned the 7-year Ceramic Coat on my brand new ‘21 Bronco. Jessica walked me through every step of the process and the results exceeded expectations, my Bronco looks fantastic! I highly recommend Final Approach Detailing for any automotive needs! Scott Mt. Pleasant
Kim Peters
Kim Peters
Great customer service! Jessica & Travis explained and communicated at every step of the process and answered all my questions. I purchased the 5 year ceramic coating & topper layer, the glass/ trim/wheel ceramic coating and the business class interior detail. Products are ph neutral and water-based, not silicone. My car was kept for 2 days to allow the top coat to cure. I was given a hands-on class in "car washing" to maintain the finish. My car looks better than new! Thank you!
Daniel Troia
Daniel Troia
Final Approach ceramic coated my daughter's 11 year old car, my 15 YO truck, and our faded 1994 ski boat. All three looked like they came right off the showroom floor. They were flexible with scheduling, and Jessica gave us a "volume" discount. We are definitely happy customers.
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