Meet Our Family & Service Team

Meet the Team
Jessica Rook, CD-SV MC, CPD
Owner | CEO | Surface Specialist

Jessica Rook is the Owner & CEO of Final Approach Detailing. From polishing, coating, and jumping in on details – to running the books, consulting with clients, and managing operations – Jessica is the glue that holds F.A.D. together. Jessica’s strong background in business management and strategic development lends well to F.A.D.’s business management. Prior to launching Final Approach, Jessica spent 15 years in leadership roles building businesses, developing workforces, and managing business strategy. 

Jessica is committed to ongoing refinement of her craft and business and currently holds numerous industry leading certifications in the areas of both skilled detailing services, as well as detailing business management. Jessica was a 2022 selected member of the Official Motorlux (formerly McCall’s Motorworx Revival) Detailing Team where she represented P&S Detail Products and The Detail Mafia at Monterey Car Week detailing the world’s most luxurious vehicles at events like the Broad Arrow Auction, Motorlux and The Quail. Jessica was presented with the 2021 ‘Essence of Mafia’ award from The Detail Mafia/Detailer’s Network in recognition of her commitment to the industry, her business and the network.

Jessica has many years of professional experience as a small business owner and business leader – but she also has a genuine passion for the auto industry that goes back to her very early years! Growing up, Jessica’s family owned a specialty mechanic shop building custom engines, transmissions and retrofitted mechanics for vehicles. At only 7 years old, Jessica rebuilt her first engine for a 1967 Camaro. That Camaro and many other show vehicles introduced Jessica to the world of car shows. This is where Jessica first found a love for mini trucks. Later, Jessica bought her first mini-truck at age 12 – and continued owning them until 2013 – parked right underneath the plane in our hanger at the airport! Jessica also grew up not only getting show cars ready for their weekend events but also getting boats for the season as their family shop was located right next to a lake! Jessica has carried through this marine experience and is currently 1 of only 2 detailers in the state of Michigan with advanced marine certification.

Outside of the shop, Jessica enjoys traveling with the family, hosting bonfires, attending car shows, and visiting new places and things! Whenever possible, she enjoys teaching dance and coaching gymnastics! 

Travis Rook, CD-SV
Co-Owner | Surface Specialist | Aviation Specialist

Travis has carried many titles over the years – including pilot, retail manager, plane owner, business owner, husband, father – and our favorite SURVIVOR! Travis has experienced more in his life than most ever will – including battling cancer not once, but twice – with the odds against him every time. Travis has a unique passion for life after all he has experienced! We are happy to report that Travis’ cancer is not active – but because of the type of cancer and its long term effects, it is best for Travis to be in a role that is flexible, accommodating and requires minimal exposure to risk. From this, we decided to reflect on what we know & love and pursue it passionately — launching Final Approach Detailing!

Travis has an MBA and Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Administration. Travis became a pilot in 2007 and began purchasing single-engine aircraft in 2009 with Jessica. Together they began a business offering aircraft leaseback and rental through a flight training school in Kalamazoo, MI. After the dissolution of the flight school and business, Travis had plenty of time to turn his hobby into a craft and became passionate about keeping his aircraft expertly maintained.

Final Approach allows Travis the unique opportunity to spend time doing what he enjoys doing while allowing him the time and ability to focus on his health and well-being and getting back to where he once was as a business owner and operations expert. It also allows Travis to spend time with the family in the shop making memories!

When out of the shop, Travis enjoys traveling, hiking, hunting, and watching football (Go Green!). While his medical history prevents him from flying independently – he still has a strong passion for aviation and enjoys providing subject matter expertise for other detailers in the industry that are interested in working on the unique needs of aircraft.

Meet the Team
Meet the Team
Jared Gallagher, CD-SV
Assistant Shop Manager | Surface Specialist (Level 3)

Jared joined the Final Approach team in December 2021 as has quickly grown to become a trusted and competent detailing specialist. Jared has an amazing attention to detail and is very thorough in his work. Jared successfully completed his Certified Detailer certification mid-2022 and was then Skills Validated with a Recognized Independent Trainer in August of 2022. 

Jared has a true passion for the industry and partnered with his strong work-ethic, the Final Approach Team knew his talents would take him far beyond shop operations. Once Jared was able to demonstrate the knowledge and skill level required to receive advanced certification – he became eligible to begin on a career track that allows him opportunities to learn basic shop management duties. Jared is on-track for continued growth in his new role of Assistant Shop Manager and looks forward to being in a position to take a bigger role on the leadership team.

Jared has a BIG love for exotic cars which is what drew his interest in working in the automotive industry. Jared is also a big fan of football, as a former player. His favorite sports team is the MSU Spartans – Go GREEN!

Katie M
Surface Specialist (Level 1)

Katie began assisting the Final Approach Team with commercial service projects in December of 2020. As F.A.D. grew into it’s new Okemos, MI facility in 2021 – Katie was instrumental in assisting the owners with various projects in the shop as needed. Katie has transitioned into the role of Service Assistant in the new shop helping out with standard detailing services. She is also dubbed F.A.D.’s official “hanger-upper” as her skills with aligning things to hang are out of this world… Unlike her teammates! 😉

Outside of assisting F.A.D. as needed, Katie is a competitive and recreational gymnastics coach. She is a lover of dogs (especially huskies) and enjoys spending her free time out of town on adventures – from concerts to amusement parks and recently on a cruise to the Bahamas!

Memberships Okemos, MI
Keegan S.
Surface Specialist (In Training)

Keegan joined the Final Approach Detailing team in December of 2022 and is currently working his way through our established Surface Specialist Training Program. This program takes an estimated 90-120 days to complete before an employee has the opportunity to earn “rank”/level as a surface specialist. By the end of the program, staff will be able to complete standard interior/exterior services independently to Final Approach’s “first-class” service standards by becoming highly skilled in working with the various surfaces one would encounter in this scope of work. Once Level 1 designation is achieved, employees have the opportunity to further develop their skills and work their way up our leveled training curriculum, eventually having the opportunity to pursue formal professional certification by demonstrating advanced knowledge and skills.

Meet the Team
Emmalee Rook
Media Editing Assistant

We couldn’t list our team without showcasing our bonus team member and official media editing assistant! Meet our daughter, Emmalee. Emmalee has a passion for editing videos and photography, which comes in handy for our business. Many of the videos and advertisements you see on our social media pages have been artfully crafted by our creative tween!

When not assisting with editing, you can often found Emmalee refilling our water bottles, grabbing us a snack – and of course Netflix & chilling… 😉