Final Approach Detailing

Exterior Add On Services & Upgrades

Exterior detailing Okemos MI services are priced based on vehicle year, make, and model. Additional service charges may apply for excessive conditions (i.e. tar, sap, overspray, road paint, excessive soiling, artillery fallout, etc.) Contact us now!

Standard Interior Car Detailing Services in Okemos MI

Trim Restoration & Coating

Starting at $150

Custom Match Automotive Paint Chip Repair

Starting at $160 Custom

Engine Bay Clean & Dress

Starting at $50

Glass Polish Enhancement

Starting at $75

Undercarriage Rinse

Starting at $40

Headlight Restoration

Starting at $140

De-badging, Film & Adhesive Removal

Pricing Varies

Paintless Scratch Repair

Pricing Varies

Metal Polish Enhancement

Pricing Varies

Soft Top Cleaning & Protection

Starting at $50

Glass Treatment (3YR)

$150 Standard Size Windshield *Requires Seasonal Maintenance

Waterspot, Overspray & Roadpaint Removal

Pricing Varies

Tar & Sap Removal

Pricing Varies

Fallout & Artillery Fungus Removal

Pricing Varies

Add On Services & Upgrades

Interior Add-On Services & Upgrades

Mid-Michigan’s only Skills Validated, Certified Detailers with the International Detailing Association providing luxury detailing Okemos MI services focused on preservation and protection.

Leather Coating

Starting at $200

Interior Trim Coating

Starting at $150

Virus Treatment

Starting at $50

Excessive Pet Hair Removal

Pricing Varies

Major Stain Treatment

Pricing Varies

Fabric Coating

Starting at $25

Odor Treatment

Starting at $60

Spill Clean Up

Pricing Varies

Biohazard Removal

Pricing Varies

Interior Trim Enhancement

Pricing Varies